10 Common Misconceptions About Strippers

What Are People Wrong about Strippers?

Today people may hear others say that strippers make $1,000 each night, and how their life is very nice due to the money they make. They also say that strippers are not that bright. Or the image of a stripper being an alcoholic or drug addict. Having daddy issues, or nymphomaniacs or they are all straight. Having STDs of some sort because of the profession they have. Another one may be a stripper is equivalent to a prostitute. There are so many and one can hold a conversation for hours about this. So, let’s just keep this to 10 common misconceptions about strippers.

1. 100% of the Money is Profit.
Not true, they may have to lease a place to do this job. And when they sign up for the job, they are under as an independent contractor. Not all their money goes into their pockets. They also have to tip some of the people there, as in the DJ if there is one, some bouncers or a door person if any. They also have to pay taxes, they don’t just get to keep all the money.

2. All Strippers are Straight Nymphomaniacs.
Not all strippers are straight, just think about male strippers, there’s a common thought that all of those are gay. Strippers don’t have to be gay or straight or bisexual, this is a stereotype made by people. Also, they aren’t all thinking about sex or act on sexual behavior, they may not feel aroused while doing a job. To them, a job is a job, nothing more. This goes into number 3.

3. Strippers are Equivalent to Prostitutes.
They don’t always give out “extras” or “specials”, they also don’t always go to hotels rooms with the clients. There may be one or two that do this off their work hours if they find someone attractive or if they know that person, but getting paid for sex is a prostitute’s profession. A stripper takes off some or all of their clothes to get paid, maybe dance on someone’s lap or pole dance.

4. Every Stripper knows Pole Dancing.
Not every stripper can pole dance just because it’s part of their job. Pole dancing is an option if they want to do it and can do it. It takes an effort to pole dance, using upper body strength to keep the body in the right moves so they don’t fall flat on their face. There are classes held for people to learn pole dancing as something fun to do. So this idea is added into this, “pole dancing is only for strippers”. It is not, it’s for anyone just like being a model can be for anyone with any size, because there are plus size models.

5. All Strippers are Either on Drugs or Alcoholics.
Just saying that because of few bad eggs got into either of the two isn’t fair for the rest of the strippers who turn up to be clean of needles or any other drugs. Movies can sometimes show the dirty side of things to show right and wrong for all viewers. Prostitutes could be druggies or alcoholics because that isn’t a real job. A stripper, once again, see’s their job as a job, they have to clock in and clock out, stay sober and clean of drugs for working their shifts.

6. Strippers have Daddy Issues.
Strippers don’t have daddy issues, anyone can have issues with their parent sexually or non sexually. Anyone sexually involved with their parents would be traumatized and need therapy, not dive as a stripper if anything it could bring back those memories.

7. They Have STDs from Their Job.
Strippers can’t get STDs from dancing and taking their clothes off.

8. Strippers make $1000 Per Night.
Stripping is like waitressing, they get as much as they can depending on the night and number of customers.

9. It’s degrading Being a Stripper.
That is one’s own opinion if they are comfortable doing what they do, it’s their choice, it isn’t as degrading as a cheating wife or cheating husband. Or either wife or husband going out to get excited off of someone else’s body.

10. Stripping is the ONLY Thing They Know.
Wrong again, they can be highly intelligent and only need the extra cash as a side job. They could be your science professor or an accountant, there are stereotypes made by the public who speak out and not think about it.